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“In the past, a compliance officer would be brought into a discussion at the tail end of a project’s development, to give approval or disapproval. In today’s world, a compliance officer needs a seat at the table to help evaluate the various risks of a new product or service”

Source: Steve Van Beek

Do you train and test your staff
members on FAIS?

A key challenge in today's heavily regulated marketplace is to ensure your employees understand relevant regulation and how it affects their own day-to-day behavior and operations in the workplace. Professionals working in the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services ‘FAIS’ environment already understand the benefits of, and regulatory requirements for, training in this area. Each member of staff has a role to fulfill in safeguarding the reputation of their FSP and minimizing risk. So it is vital that all staff members be fully trained with the necessary skills and knowledge.


FAIS training is an important requirement and is regarded as important in managing FSP exposure.

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