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“In the past, a compliance officer would be brought into a discussion at the tail end of a project’s development, to give approval or disapproval. In today’s world, a compliance officer needs a seat at the table to help evaluate the various risks of a new product or service”

Source: Steve Van Beek

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Compli-Serve SA AML/CTF Testing

Compli-Serve SA’s FICA Online Testing is a fast, easy, and inexpensive way for financial services companies to meet their key training requirements in terms of anti-money laundering legislation.

A test for advisers, money laundering reporting officers, administration staff and business owners on the subject of anti-money laundering rules and your obligations in terms of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act “FICA”.

The training component of the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Compliance Regime must be considered an on-going process, with new employee’s being trained as they start work and all employees being kept up to date with changes and amendments to the law, its regulations and company practices.

The Compli-Serve SA FICA testing programme is designed to assist all applicable employees within a FSP to have a better understanding of the anti-money laundering/counter-terrorist financing (AML/CTF) risks, controls, and their responsibilities to meet the on-going Financial Intelligence Centre Act {“FICA”) requirements as stipulated in the Act and its supporting Regulations.

Section 43(1) of FICA stipulates that Financial Services Providers should provide training to employees involved in transactions to which FICA applies to enable them to comply with the provisions of FICA and the internal rules applicable to them. The format of training is not prescribed and formal training and FICA awareness training are both recognised. Both methods are designed to raise the level of awareness of employees regarding their obligations under FICA.

Compli-Serve has enhanced its FICA online awareness testing facility for all categories of Financial Services Providers. All authorized users will be able to view and download training material and complete an online FICA Test.

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