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“In the past, a compliance officer would be brought into a discussion at the tail end of a project’s development, to give approval or disapproval. In today’s world, a compliance officer needs a seat at the table to help evaluate the various risks of a new product or service”

Source: Steve Van Beek

Welcome to the Compli-Serve Test Zone

Engage your representatives, manage ongoing FSP risks and demonstrate training compliance

New E-Learning courses available through Compliance Online/Compli-Serve

  • A key challenge in today's heavily regulated marketplace is to ensure your employees understand relevant regulation and how it affects their own day-to-day behaviour and operations in the work- place. Professionals working in the Finan- cial Advisory and Intermediary Services ‘FAIS’ environment already understand the benefits of, and regulatory require- ments for, training in this area. Each member of staff has a role to fulfill in safeguarding the reputation of their FSP and minimizing risk. So it is vital that all staff members be fully trained with the necessary skills and knowledge.

  • Our Test Zone facility provides on demand online awareness training and testing whenever you need it. With no software required, it can be accessed anywhere from any Internet enabled PC or MAC. Our web based modular learning and evaluation system puts you firmly in charge of all your Training needs.

  • Use the web as a learning tool- Save Time, Effective Implementation and Delivery. With web-based access and minimal technical requirements for delivery, we can quickly implement your new training courses so that you can deliver the right content at the right time to educate your staff and mitigate the risk of compliance beaches. All courses are delivered using our TestZone platform which is extremely easy to use and allows companies of any size to efficiently and cost effectively train and monitor hundreds or even thousands of staff at a fraction of the cost of conventional classroom seminars.


Do you train and test your staff members on FICA?


  • Web-based.
  • Easy user registration and access.
  • Questions are multiple choice and are randomised, so it truly does test their overall knowledge.
  • Assists in quick learning.
  • Easy to check delegate knowledge to ensure ongoing fit & proper status.
  • Full management reporting.
  • Demonstrate training compliance at every level.
  • Enables your employees have the right information to make compliant decisions and protect your business from risk.
  • Enable your employees to understand their compliance responsibilities.
  • Optimize the management, tracking and risk to demonstrate compliance.



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