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“In the past, a compliance officer would be brought into a discussion at the tail end of a project’s development, to give approval or disapproval. In today’s world, a compliance officer needs a seat at the table to help evaluate the various risks of a new product or service”

Source: Steve Van Beek

FAIS Online

Compli-Serve SA has developed a FAIS online awareness training and testing facility for all categories of Financial Services Providers.

All authorized users will be able to view and download training material (which covers the FAIS legal framework and regulatory requirements) and complete online FAIS Tests.

Current test available

  • FAIS testing for registered persons

A ‘Main User’ is assigned for each client and is able to load the agreed number of sub-users. The Main User is also able to draw an overall report of the specific FSP’s test results over any given period and may draw specific details of the tests taken by specific users.

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